French-German legal relations

A distinctive feature of our law firm is specialisation in French-German legal relations. Together with our partner law firms in Paris, Lyon and Périgueux, we can ensure excellent representation in all areas of French law.

Prominent German companies operating in France are among our clientele. Conversely, we represent – alongside the credit insurance companies, COFACE and GROUPAMA – a large number of French companies who are active on the German market.

Legal Attorney (and founder of our firm), Reiner Graner, has been legal adviser to the French Consul General in Stuttgart since 1983. He has been a foreign trade counsel in Baden Wurttemberg for several years, a position he holds on appointment by the French Foreign Office.

As well as working in commercial, company and insolvency law, we provide legal advice in conflict situations arising from Franco-German family and inheritance law.

All of the lawyers in our firm speak French.

Among Francophile German law firms, we are acknowledged as pioneers in this area.


A sound knowledge of languages and the particular interest we take in the approaches of foreign legal systems, ensure excellent representation for our clients. This includes cases with foreign aspects.

When consulting our foreign clients, our knowledge of their anticipations and their expectations, makes an optimal representation of interests possible.

The French credit insurance companies, COFACE and GROUPAMA, as well as the Chinese credit insurance company SINOSURE belong to our regular clientele.

Due to our long-term experience, we know the perils of international law of practice and we have the skills needed to represent our clients successfully especially in transnational aspects and in cases of arbitration.